Meet the LS team!

At LS Retail we are more than just coworkers - we're team members. And while we may be located all over the world, we're all in this together!

LS Retail culture

Company Values

Employees have the authority and means to contribute, working towards the goal of delivering best-in-class retail solutions.
We show integrity by being honest, respectful and open towards ourselves and others.
We continuously deliver value by accumulating retail knowledge from our global network and incorporating it into our products and services.

Ask our employees: What does being part of the LS Team mean to you?

That we view things more holistically by looking beyond the individual, as well as removing the silo concept between regions, departments, teams, and products. We focus on the fact that we are all together on the same boat sailing in the same direction as a company

Heidi Smith Global Director Consulting Services

Working with people who care for your wellbeing. Even if everyone is ridiculously busy, you’ll always find someone who’ll take time to help you, if you need support.

Giada Pezzini Content Manager

It provides me with a sense of belonging, of being part of something larger and greater than just being by myself. I know I can count on the LS Team and that the LS Team can count on me. It provides me with that empowering feeling that we can achieve anything we set our minds to.


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